Multi-layer editing

Provides four tile layers so you can pack extra detail into your maps.

Collision Mask Editing

Supports collision mask editing with variable brush sizes.

Transparent Tiles

Supports 32-bit PNG files for tilesets allowing for a variety of blending effects including anti-aliased transparent borders and translucency effects.

Layer Fill Tool

With the Fill Tool you can fill an entire layer with a single tile or a pattern selected out of the tile palette.

Pattern Stamps

With Landlord you can place down single tiles or select groups of tiles and place them down as a pattern.

Variable Size Brush

Eraser and Collision Mask brushes can vary in size from 1x1 to 8x8 allowing for efficient editing.

Dynamically Generated Minimap

MiniMap Window displays an always updated view of your map and makes for quick navigation.


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The Windows version of Landlord is built using Microsoft Visual C++ 2015. If you get an error while trying to run the application complaining about missing DLL's, you will need to download and install the run-time dependencies from Microsoft.

Source Code

Landlord is written using C++ and is built on top of the NAS2D framework. The code is hosted on GitLab.

You can pull the code using the following link: