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NAS2D Documentation Project

I've started rebuild the Wiki. It's coming along kind of slowly but I wanted everybody to be aware of the efforts that have gone in to supplement the API documentation with an explanation of the how's and why's via the Wiki.

It's still a work in progress and very much rough around the edges. That's where the feedback comes in. Anybody who's interested in using NAS2D should get in touch with me. I'd like to work 1 on 1 with a few people just starting with NAS2D so I can get the feedback I need to get the setup and beginner tutorials written in a way that anybody can understand.

NAS2D v1.1 RC2 Released

Trevor and I were able to get NAS2D v1.1 RC2 packaged and uploaded, ready for use. You can download it on NAS2D's download page.

While our testing has shown it to be stable and very usable, we'd like to get feedback. One of our biggest issues is a lack of good setup and use documentation. I had worked on NAS2D's Wiki awhile ago but it was destroyed by spam bots. I've been dragging my feet ever since.

Anyway, point being that I need feedback from other developers interested in using NAS2D. Questions, Comments... everything really.

Drop me a line on the forums or contact me via our GameDev post.

New Forum Software

I know, we keep switching forum software.

I think this will be our last time though. It's difficult to decide on a particular piece of software that we think will fit our particular needs unless we actually use it for awhile. We started with phpBB3, then SMF. Neither provided what we needed. So, we decided to try out Vanilla.

We had an install that had ported over everything from our SMF forums but it just wasn't working. Besides, there was a lot of legacy information and only really Trevor and I were active. So, I thought to go for a completely new and fresh install.

I expect the forums to fully take shape as we get more developers using NAS2D and we get LoM rolled up and out the door.